Hiker Survey

This survey gathers anonymous data from hikers to help others plan for long hike attempts, and to gather stats about Who is hiking.
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A report is made available towards the end of each year.

Multi-day trips of at least 20 miles are most useful.

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00-10 years     10-19 years     20-29 years     30-39 years     40-49 years     50-59 years     60-69 years     70-79 years     80-89 years     90+ years    

None     Self-directed research     LNT Workshop     LNT Trainer     LNT Master Educator

Solo     Significant Other/Family     Friend     Dog     Met on Trail

(1km = .62 mile)


North     South     East     West     FlipFlop





none     1-3 nights     4-6 nights     1-3 weeks     1 month     2 months     3+ months    


Not Enough     Enough     Too Much

Injury     Illness     Weather     Out of Time     Finances     Family Issue     Mental Fatigue     No Enjoyment     Other